OU is a day camp program for 8-13 year-old campers and runs from Monday morning to Friday afternoon 8am to 5pm. If you live in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby or surrounding areas, we have the perfect day camp for your child. OU will take all of the fun, excitement and spiritual focus of overnight Camp and boil it down into 48 unforgettable hours! Campers will get to play games, swim, and experience all of the other extraordinary elements of Crowders Ridge while being taught some incredible truths from God’s Word. It is a great program for younger siblings of current CR campers who are ready for their chance to go to camp or for campers who are looking to ease into summer camp without committing to an overnight stay.


Outdoor University will be held June 12-16, 2017 Monday- Friday.
The cost per person will be $125. Lunch will be provided.

All you need is money for the Bucks Camp Store, where refreshments and camp gear is sold.

Campers who register after May 25th may not be guaranteed a t-shirt, but we will do our best to get every camper a shirt at the end of camp.

OU Schedule: (sample)

A Day at OU:
– 8:00am Drop off
– 8:30am SQUAD TIME
– 9:30am Morning SESSION
– 10:45am Dry SQUAD Competition
– 12pm Lunch/Scripture Memory
– 1:30pm Outdoor Education
– 2:00pm Waterfront SQUAD Competition
– 4:30pm Afternoon Session
– 5:00pm Prepare to depart
– 5:30pm Pick-up


  • Who is watching my child?

Our well trained staff will build relationships with your children each day. Our summer camp staff are college students and graduates who have a passion for watching the next generation grow! Our staff members are background checked and are CPR certified. We do have first aid certified staff members on campus at all times as well.

  • Will my child be grouped with kids of their own age?

To be sure that our programs and activities at Crowders Ridge are age-appropriate, children are divided into smaller groups based on their age.

  • How do you make sure a stranger doesn’t pick up my child?

When you drop off your child for the first time you will receive a rear view mirror hanger that will have your child(s) name on it. There will also be two sections on this hanger that you can tear off and give to anyone else who will be picking up the children. You will have to have this hanger or one of the sections to physically take a child off of the Crowders Ridge property.

  • Can a friend or family member pick my child up?                                                                                                                  Like we said in the previous question, there will be two tear-able sections on this hanger that will have the child(s) name on it. One must have either a hanger or a section to take a child off of the Crowders Ridge property.
  • What if I am late picking up my child from Outdoor University?
    Please make note of the following:Children MAY NOT be dropped off before the program begins.Children MUST be signed in and out by a staff member. They may not check in or out themselves.

    Children MUST be picked up on time. If picked up after 6pm then you will be charged a $50 fee.

  • What if my child becomes ill or gets injured while at Outdoor University?
    If your child becomes will while at Outdoor University/Crowders Ridge, our staff will contact you to pick him/her up. Outdoor University/Crowders Ridge is not designed to handle ill children, so it is important to then to your child in a timely manner. If your child is injured, our staff will take whatever steps necessary to administer/obtain medical care. If we are unable to reach you or if you have not picked up your child after an hour and a half and your child needs medical attention they will be transported to the hospital by an ambulance. All expenses for emergency medical care are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.Children must be fever, diarrhea, both nit and lice free for atleast 24 hours before returning to the Outdoor University program.
  • When can I expect my phone call or email to be returned?
    We work very heard to make sure your phone calls and emails are returned. Due to the nature of our facility and requirements of our staff and the activities we have planned for your children, it leaves very little time to be devoted strictly to office hours. You should expect to have your call/email returned within 24-48 hours. Please keep in mind the volume of important phone calls/emails we receive every day.
  • What if my child needs medication while are they are at Outdoor University/Crowders Ridge?
    If medication must be administered to your child during program hours, please follow our Medication Procedure:


 Fill out the medication portion of the online registration. Also print and fill out the Medication Form to be handed in with your child’s medication.

Give medication and medication form to counselor at check-in area.

There must only be enough medication for the entire session. Please not send more than needed.

Medications will be kept in a locked container. Our camp medical staff will administer medication, children are not allowed to carry or administer their own medication, including over-the-counter medication.

  • Why do you need my child’s medical information?
    The medical information is the most important part of your child’s registration. This is the only information Crowders Ridge Camp & Retreat Center has regarding any medical needs of your child. It also gives us permission to seek care for your child in the event of an emergency. Please be sure to list ALL medical and/or behavioral issues as well as any and ALL medications your child receives on a regular basis.
  • What should my child wear and bring to Outdoor University?
  • Please label everything sent with your child
  • Closed-toe shoes are preferred for land and water activities
  • Swimming trunks/full cover bathing suit and towel for water activities
  • Change of clothes to put on after water activities are completed.
  • What shouldn’t my child bring/wear to Outdoor University?
    • Valuables
    • Toys/Novelty Items
    • Knives or any type of weapon
    • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
    • Clothing that promotes vulgarity, alcohol, or tobacco
  • My child lost something, where can I find it?
    We know that sometimes things get lost. At check-in or check-out inquire about the location for lost and found. Lost and found items are kept for a short period of time before donated to charity.


**Crowders Ridge Camp & Retreat Center is not responsible for camper possessions, that are damaged, lost or stolen.

  • What if my child cannot swim?
    If a child is unable to swim they are required to wear a lifejacket at all times while in the lake or pool.

On the first day of Outdoor University your child will be given a swim test, where they will jump in the deep end and swim the length of the pool, and then tread water for 2 minutes.

Children will be given wristbands for the outcome of their swim test that must be worn the entire length of Outdoor University.

If you have any questions, our office number is 704-915-1096 or you can email us at ashley@ecamps.org

130 CAMP ROTARY ROAD, GASTONIA, NC 28052 | 704-915-1096