Our Mission

Helping kids & students experience camp by offering an affordable summer camp.

Crowders Ridge is ran by Now Outreach a 501 (c) 3.

Every camp has its own focus. Some focus on production value, others small group materials and others jumping off a 40 foot pole. They are all awesome and we salute them all.

But what is ECAMPS/Crowders Ridge mission?

1. We desire to invite the best speakers in the southeast to speak into your students lives.
2. We desire our camp band to be spirit-led, program driven and filled with inspiring talent to lead your student to Jesus.
3. We desire our 48 acre campus to be a ministry playground. From Lodging to Food excellence is what we strive for.
4. We believe camp is about recs that rock!! Out-of-the-box experiences that knock away at years of hurt, pain and damage. To later that day seeing the pain turn to praise because they were ready to hear the Word of God.
5. We desire to have a production value that engages today’s students, but inside the confines of our vision “to keep camp as affordable as possible.”
6. We desire to create a great theme and focused small group times to draw students to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

So, that’s it at each of our camps, retreat rentals or other events. We plan to hold high.

“THE WORD, WORSHIP, EXCELLENCE, MUD, LIGHTS, VIDEO, and GROUP MATERIALS that will all point to one person… JESUS.”

130 CAMP ROTARY ROAD, GASTONIA, NC 28052 | 704-915-1096